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Yuu Kanda
Because I needed to get one of these up somewhere.

Use it to see who I play, ask to continue a thread, plan something with our characters, etc. etc. etc.

flowercomplex // Canon Yuu Kanda -- To very very likely be reset after the flashback!arc.
ringsaroundthe // Canon Lenalee Lee
juniorarchiver // Canon Lavi
melodystrings // Canon Noise Marie

layingflowers // Normal!verse Yuu Kanda
forholywar // Crossdressing Yuu Kanda
improvedkarma // Choice!verse Alma Karma
dermusiker // Female body 14th
justinkandpaper // Breath!verse Lavi
orderlee // Supervisor!Lenalee
tempersword // Genderswap!verse

stabbatory // 16-year-old Yuu Kanda -- To be eventually reset and brought back.
inquisitioning // Canon Howard Link -- To maybe be brought in someday.
killandbekilled //  Canon Tevak -- To be brought back when we get actual canon for her.
Steampunk!verse Yuu Kanda -- Yes I know I play too many Kandas. To be brought in someday.
Yuu Kanda
27 April 2010 @ 07:08 pm
[In the kitchen with Lenalee, looking over a cookbook. With bakery goods. As in, stuff he doesn't like. Scrunches his nose]

What are we making?
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Yuu Kanda
11 February 2010 @ 06:55 pm
Bullet point for ease.

- Kanda and Lenalee made it back to the Order, remembering the DR.
-Komui is executed for crimes against the Order.
-The last 4 Exorcists alive (Kanda, Lenalee, Marie, and Timothy) make plans in secret to escape the Order once and for all.
- Everyone still is keeping their Innocence, either becuase they can't or won't separate.
- Escape attempt one is made, one week post returning home, Timothy and Lena escape, both sticking with each other. Kanda gives her a small packet with a letter and gift before she goes.
-Shortly after, Kanda falls ill and begins to die.
- Dies one week later in the Order clinic. Marie remained with him. Due to this he will not have his Innocence/rapid healing when returning to the DR.
-Marie escapes soon after, taking Kanda's cremated ashes with him to scatter free.
-Stick with Lenalee and Timothy, having a service for Kanda despite no actual burial site.

Lenalee will be coming at the end of this. Kanda will be coming just before cremation.

The PacketCollapse )
Yuu Kanda
10 December 2009 @ 11:21 pm
[Has just moved to stand outside Lenalee's door, shifting about in his awkward uncertainty. He's dressed up in a nice shirt and tie with some slacks, and his hair is tied low and doesn't look as tangled as usual. Behind his back he's holding a rose from one of the courtyards, looking a little beat from his violent manner of pulling it off the bush.

You did that on dates, right? Girls liked getting flowers, right? His only real knowledge of romance came from stuff he'd seen in sappy chick flicks he was probably forced to sit through and the general stereotypes that get filtered into people's brains. And if he was going to do this, he might as well try and do it 'right'.

Takes a breath, pausing. Well, there was no turning back now. Raises his fist to knock on the door]
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Yuu Kanda
15 November 2009 @ 04:03 pm
[Meditating in the nearest courtyard to his room. Finally, some alone time and a chance to clear his head of everything that's been jumbling up in it lately.

Maybe he should instead count the seconds until something comes to ruin it]
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Yuu Kanda
[Sitting out in a courtyard under a tree. He seems to be lost in thought as he picks at the grass by his feet]
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Yuu Kanda
07 September 2009 @ 10:26 pm
[Well, they finally got themselves not lost and Kanda was able to get his nose taken care of. By stuffing it with cotton, but, details. For now he's in his room, laying on the bed and staring up wearily at the ceiling. He really hated feeling so weak, and now he was dwelling on what the 14th had said.

Perfect. Because being reminded he was weak, dying, and leaving Lenalee with nothing was just what he needed on top of Allen having a Noah still dwelling in him]
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Yuu Kanda
04 September 2009 @ 07:17 pm
Now available in bullet form.

- Canonmate to normal_really, geturbootson ,and thelastalias
- 21 years old.
- Post war, modern era.
- Life sucks.
- Has about one petal left at this point. Will likely only survive a couple more years.
- Usually able to continue as normal, but at times feels dizzy and tired and less often fully sick and dying.
- Generally more closed off than most other Kandas.
- The others are aware at least the extent of his healing and dying due to the lotus, after having finally told them.

Allen: Annoying Beansprout, but damn if he doesn't miss you. He was starting to actually tolerate your company.

Lenalee: More protective of, holds to high respect, likes her more than most other people. Frustrated with inability to help her current situation.

Lavi: Hate and distaste. Broke the heavy trust he once granted him. Knows all about his past.

Marie: Doesn't know well.

Tiedoll: Doesn't know well, and annoying.

Daisya: Didn't know as well, but still was affected by his death.

Komui: Close to Lenalee, a little crazy but tolerable. Trusts more, knows about past and lotus.